Are You Grass Or A Tree?

Small is beautiful. Small is nimble. Small is survivor.

Last year a severe storm rammed through my yard and split a 20 year old Elm right in the middle. A lot of branches also fell down and damaged the lawn grass at spots.

I was disappointed to see the devastation. I had to call a tree service to have the entire Elm removed.

For the dead grass, it took about 2 weeks for new grass seeds to germinate and another 2 weeks for it to be ready for mowing. But the old Elm isn't coming back, at least not any time soon.

One thing that I observed that the grass was not damaged directly by the storm. It was damaged by the tree.

Something else happened, now the grass near and around the Elm tree stump started growing, as it started getting more sun and rain.

Small businesses are like grass. They can weather a real economic storm with their flexibility and agility. Also, number of times, the real factor impacting small businesses ends up being a consequence of some big corporate action.

And did I tell you that the grass was greener, healthier and flourishing the very next season, while Elm stump is giving way to small mushrooms?

Good luck, real small businesses, I’m rooting for you.